Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by.

Let’s be honest, growing older is challenging. Our bodies don’t work the way they used to. Heck, they don’t look like they used to either.

Along the way we may have been told to “put your life on hold until the kids finish school,” “be realistic,” “stop being selfish,” “work through your lunch break,” and other things that eventually left us out of touch with our dreams, desires, and selves.

When we don’t put our needs first, we begin to silence the inner voice that helps us navigate life. When we continually do this for years, we start to feel flat and life stops being exciting.

There are some great things about aging, however. Our vast experiences, our ability to look back, reflect on the past and grow. This is where I can be of help.

I help women reclaim their joy and find more ease in life. I teach them to tap into their intuition and use that to create what they want in their life instead of settling for what might happen to show up.

I also teach them how to move their body so that it supports them with less pain and tantrums longer into life. I’m not here to offer a quick fix. We all got to where we are now after decades of improper mechanics, poor posture, and silencing our inner knowing. We can’t change it overnight, but week after week small adjustments start to add up to big changes. Life starts responding with more ease and joy.

Without further adieu, welcome. Please come in and take a peek around. After you’ve explored, drop me a note – I would love to hear your thoughts and learn how I can help you reconnect with your Self.

Much love,
Amy Joy

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